Preparation Before Office Renovation Begins

Preparation Before Office Renovation Begins

We spent most of our working time in the office. It is important to have a functional decoration and office furniture. When planning office renovation, you will need to consider the working conditions and environment. We will be discussing the important elements when planning office interior renovation.

Office Interior Initial Planning
Before renovation work take the part, interior design should have an understanding on the function and requirement of the client in order to plan the office effectively. Interior designer then evaluate and plan according to the given space. The office should have enough space for working table, storage cabinet, pantry, and walkway. You will need to keep in mind the future growth of the business and you will need to expand the office by recruiting more staffs.

Reception Counter
Reception area is the places where visitor make their first impression of your office. If your business nature require continuous interaction with guests, the reception area is very important to impress them. Consider of display company’s products with visual or models at reception area. Painting is also a good choice to reflect company style and taste. The receptionist should able to keep an eye on human flow in the office.

The Conference
If your clients regularly visit your office, conference or meeting room is where you should spend some investment on the room interior. Conference room should locate near to entrance to avoid visitor travel all over the office. Equip the room with screen, TV, video monitor, whiteboard, and other accessories needed for presentation. Create a calm environment with neutral background and sufficient lighting.

Sufficient Lighting In The Office
It is crucial to install sufficient lighting in the office to achieve the best work productivity. Lighting can create warm and inviting or cold and dull environment, depends on your decision. Besides of sufficient general lighting, installing down lights can help on highlight plants, paintings, or other decorations.

Selecting Suitable Flooring
When considering the flooring in office, the flooring material chosen will depends on the function and area covered. You will need to concern the durability, appearance, cost, and maintenance. Material lime stone, granite, marble, and kota are hard flooring. The other option such as wood, cement, terrazzo, and ceramic tiles are usually noisier. Vinyl or carpeting floor are hard to maintain. You may use flooring to divide departments, private and public area, and path according the material, surface texture, and colour chosen.

Install Storage Cabinet
Besides of interior design of the office, sufficient storage to keep things tidy is necessary too. Equip the office with basic storage system such as cupboards, filing cabinets, or open shelf. If your business requires lots of filing, add on filing shelves with track are very useful to keep all the records in the same place. You can also install overhead cabinet on top of work station or pedestal to keep document, files, and personal items.