Luxurious Interior Design For Your Home

Luxurious Interior Design For Your Home

Everyone have different desire for their home interior design. Some prefer comfort and simple, while some prefer luxury design for their home. Making your house luxury doesn’t means to spend lots of money, but you can add on some small and luxurious touch to your home and furnishing. Check out the tips on how you can make your home renovation work better with luxurious feel.

Use Molding and Trim to Round Out the Space
In interior design world, molding and trim are the common tactics used to turn a basic space into a comfortable environment. Consider using trims at you baseboards, which starts at the floor and run the parameter of the room. Depending on the ceiling height, they are usually 3 to 9 inches high and you can have small details on top. Windows frames and door frames are often used to create transition between two rooms. While choosing your molding, make sure you have all the measurements needed. If you are not good in this, get someone profession or residential interior design company to help you on this. After installation, you may use some matching paint or stain to create a cohesive look for your molding.

Decide Focal Point for Every Room
Another way to give your home a luxurious feel is give every room a clearly defined focal point. Focal point are used to define the particular spot where your sight is attracted once entered the room. To pick a focal point of the room, the easiest way is highlight the architectural detail. If your room don’t have a big window that allow natural light reach into the room, consider adding window as it can highlight the beauty and focal point. If your room doesn’t have any detail to highlight, you can create one. In your dining room, add an attractive table. For your living room, you may use lamps to highlight the seating area. You can also show your art skill by hanging up painting pieces around the house on empty wall.

Use Warm Colors
One of the elements of luxurious space is create an inviting environment. Most of us wish to have a safe and comfort environment when spending free time with family and friends. In order to create a welcoming space, you will need to consider the right paint colour. According to psychology studies, warm colours like red, orange, and yellow are apparent as cozy and intimate. Cool colour like grey and green are commonly used to make the room feel more spacious. Tan shades are a good choice as neutral base which create brighter and vibrant colours.

Choose Cushioned Seating
Putting in some plush seating can also give your home a luxurious feel. Choose the seating with high quality fabric cushioned and upholstered. If you are trying to achieve a more modern look, place some pillow and arrange them randomly. For people who prefer traditional look, display the pillow as bookends on furniture. No matter which style you prefer, make sure you choose the suitable size and colour that match your interior design.

Give Your Floor Layer Covering
Giving you floor extra layer does not only add padding go underfoot, but also keep our feet warm. Before that, let’s start planning the basic floor layer. Hardwood or cement floor is the popular option for basic layer. They can work easily with wide range of colour scheme and decoration style. If you are using carpeting, choose solid or neutral colour. You can also add in your personal style by choosing oriental style, classic style, or modern style.

Add Antique Element
Putting antiques as decoration in the room can help to create luxurious without clashing other interior elements. Mirrors are great idea to add weight and depth to space. Armchair or vanity is also another great option. Looking for suitable antique may take a bit of time, but it is worth for wait. It is usually available in flea markets and yard sales. Before buying antique pieces, look at the items carefully and make sure they can use for long time.

Keep Interior Neat and Organized
As we saw on TV, the luxurious rooms are usually sleek and clean. Luckily, you can create the same feel in your home without directors and photographers. Keep the room uncluttered and invest on storage solution to keep items away from surface. A clean and neat space will create a more luxurious feel. Schedule weekly cleaning on weekend to clear the mess and give the surface a quick cleaning.