Implement Pattern Elements As Part of Interior Design

Implement Pattern Elements As Part of Interior Design

Just like other industries, the trend of interior design goes in cycles. No matter commercial renovation or home renovation, patterns had become a trend of interior design. Wonder how pattern can impress your interior? This article will help you understand how to adapt pattern in your interior design elements. It can be use as a reference on how you can play around with patterns in interior design. Once you experienced the pop of visual after applying patterns, you would love it very much.

Determines Activity Level With Pattern Imagine that your room is decorated with purely solid, it looks plain and boring. In this case, pattern can bring up the environment. The size of pattern can determine the activity level. Big size pattern nay look bulky in the space initially, but it creates calm visual. It is suggested to use bigger patterns on wallpaper or bigger piece furniture. However, some people may find that smaller patterns are too busy or confuse for visual. It is best to be use on small items such as pillows and decoration items.

Visual Weight Balancing
When mention about visual weight, it refers to the areas of the room where it instantly draw our attention when step into the room. You can test your room’s visual weight by determine if the room cluttered on one side. Imagine that if all the furniture was pushed to the same corner, you would feel like you were standing on a sinking ship. If one side of your room need a little extra weight, consider adding on some patterns on the side as they are naturally eye-grabbing. If you need something eye catchy on the side, choose furniture with large pattern printing.

Consider Mix And Match
We have a mindset says that we shouldn’t mix and match the patterns as it could make the space too busy and make the visual confuse. It often recommended to only picking one pattern for one space only. As the time passed, the trends have also changed. Mixing pattern in a space can be found in homes designed by professional. The trick to successfully mix the patterns without clashing is the colour. Choose the suitable one within the colour palette for the patterns. If you do not have any idea of colours, try online free website to find out the suitable colour palette to match your interior. You can also look for professional interior designer to help on planning the entire renovation.

Give Some Contrast To The Space
As mentioned above, we recommended using similar colour in the patterns to avoid clashes. Sometimes, giving a splash in to the space by adding contrast patterned element works too. The colour is not necessary the same as the main shade in the palette. According to basic colour theory, the biggest impact of contrast is choosing the two shade which is directly opposite of the colour. Keep in mind that this should be only done on one of the design elements. Choose the piece that you would like to focus and turn it as the focal point of the space.