How Office Interior Design Affect Productivity

How Office Interior Design Affect Productivity

Many companies, especially small company would only invest on getting cheapest furniture. They buy in bulk and choose the designs that accommodate the biggest amount of workers in the space. But soon, it proved that this solution brings negative effect to workers’ performance. Besides of office furniture, the office renovation gives a great impact too. Rearrange the interior design can benefit the company business and also increase employees’ productivity. Here are some of the tips by interior design company to help improve your company to create a productive working environment.

Benefits of Open Office Spaces:
In previous day, most of the company distribute the office space in same manner. The newbie or junior are give cubicles, while the management team get to work in the room with doors. But due to the limited space available, open office spaces had become a common option which accommodates most of the employees. This allows the employees work side by side and communicate easily. There are studies shows that workers who often communicate about project details can help on solving the problem. Office with open space design also allows the employees to stay focus on works without any walls or doors. Most of the company do have conference room or meeting room if you need to make some discussion for your project with a group of people.

Suitable Workstations Improve Productivity:
Although you enjoy benefits for open space office interior design, there are some negative effects too. It is somehow distractive when you are trying to concentrate on important call but two employees is chatting on personal issue just few feet away from your seat. To solve this problem, it is important to give the employees flexibility for working. Provide employees with mobile technology such as laptop to allow them to move freely around the office when needed. The best example of company with freedom provided is Google, which proved that flexibility increase the productivity of the employees.

Allow Personalize Workstation to Increase Employee Morale:
It is a great idea by allow the employees bring their own life into work, such as their child’s drawing, family photos, or decoration. Some of you may think that it is unprofessional bringing in corporate environment, but there are researches shows that employees feeling invested in the company success. There are test shows that personalized working desk improve concentration, ambiance, organization, and productivity. Consider putting some quote on your desk to motivate yourself every day, or place a cushion on the chair to support your back.

Natural Light Improves Productivity:
Most of the office installed overhead office lights as there is insufficient natural light in the office. It is crucial to allow natural light get into the office. The benefit is unexpected shocking and affect the employees much. There are study found that employees who received more sun light exposure sleep average 46 minutes more per night. They also have the higher productivity compared with who work under dark in long term. It is suggested to install floor to ceiling windows at the working area as the natural light can only travel into the office within 20 to 25 feet.