How Interior Design Affects Workflow

How Interior Design Affects Workflow

When planning for your office renovation, there are many decisions to be made. It is not easy to run a business. When you are living under pressure especially working related, you will notice the importance of office interior design. The corporate office interior design can impact your business too as it affect task performance, error rate, and employee satisfaction. In this article, you will find out how interior design company help you to create a productive working environment.

The Colour Choice For Office
Choosing the colour for your workspace seems to be the easiest office interior design decision. You can choose the colour that used for your brand, but that’s not enough. There are research shows that the colour of the surrounding can affect our productivity. Blue and green can enhance employees’ performance and stimulate generating new ideas. Red seems to give more focus on task that required attention to detail. Companies like Google, Ebay, and Microsoft have the combination of these colours in their branding and office design. Try pay attention to advertisement around you and you will find out these colours often appear.

Consider Rounded Shape
If you are the owner of the company, you might consider the price, style and colour of the furniture. Most of us overlooked the shape of furniture, which is critical to the interior design and employees’ productivity. There are studies shows that human are more collective thinking when they are seated in curved structure, while rectangular arrangement shows to have self-based thinking. It is recommended to get rounded furniture especially creative teams, as a large round table are easier for communicate too.

Decoration Items Attract Quality Workers
We always believe that office space design should be neat, clean, and functional. This is to make sure the environment is uncluttered and maximize the productivity. But do you know that an office design with personality and creativity has lower turnover rates? Employees who work in this environment lead self motivation, self confidence, and task dedication. However, too much of personality may cause cluttered and unorganized. Hang up some wall art that is interesting yet professional and match your paint colour.

Comfortable Office Environment
Everyone has the different body condition, which office temperature is one of the considerations. It seems impossible to make everyone satisfy with the temperature. The ideal temperature of an office should be kept between 20 and 22 Celsius, which is middle of warm and cold. For employees who prefer cooler temperature, consider using portable fans which you can connect them with computer or laptop USB port. It is understandable that many business owners may not five the attention to their office interior design. Take the suggestion listed here to enhance your office interior design to reach positive result.